Who we are?

A TMT focused fund with more than 10 year track record

Investment Strategy

First Principal of Investing: Common Sense of Business: We leverage our keen business intuition to evaluate companies. To date, our approach has enabled us to find many tenbaggers and avoid deceptive ones.
Long Term Investor: We are fundamental investors. We look for years, not months.
Capital Preservation: We run investors’ money as our own, and our No1. Rule is Never Lose Money. To date, OPF has never had a negative year.  
We Don’t Rely on Leverage: Our track record has proven that even without leverage, we can still deliver outstanding returns for our investors with limited downside risk.

Investment Process

Our investment process is systematic, research-driven, and disciplined.
Our investment process starts with a top-down approach to find industry trends. We look for subsectors within the TMT industry with strong growth trajectories. We will then identify a pool of candidates and perform a bottom-up analysis. Finally, we narrow down our investment targets and evaluate market timing to accumulate positions.
Post-investment, we closely monitor our portfolio construction and investment thesis of each company. We will adjust our positions based on our conviction levels and sometimes take advantage of short-term market movements.

Our Portfolio

Historically, we have invested in many best TMT companies that have delivered multiple folds of returns for our investors.  These companies often take a decade to appear/develop, and once we identify one, we do not hesitate to load our positions in it. Below are a selected sample of our high conviction names.

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